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Being one of the market leaders in the manufacturing and distribution of the best OEM specified Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers, we understand that quality is key. These Stainless Steel Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers are made up of premium raw material that offers It ensures efficiency and compactness by being tailored for heating and cooling systems. Due to the corrugated plates that produce a high, turbulent flow in a true counter-current direction, this household hot water heat exchanger is extremely efficient. They can be the most cost-effective heat transmission option due to their small size and no use of non-ferrous metals.



All stainless steel heat exchangers outperform any other brazed plate heat exchanger in terms of hygiene and corrosion resistance. Due to the appearance of stainless steel plate heat exchangers, the classic brazed heat exchanger is not competent under some temperature fluctuations and pressure fatigue circumstances and the use of high-efficiency plate heat exchangers becomes practical under these conditions.

It offers excellent heat transfer efficiency, superior sealing, and low running costs. These stainless steel heat exchangers are designed to meet the most stringent requirements in potable water and industrial processes. As a result, these heat exchangers can operate at temperatures ranging from -195°C to +250°C and pressures up to 25 bar.

All stainless steel plate heat exchangers have been rigorously tested by our experts for excellent safety, dependability, and longevity, with an emphasis on pressure fatigue, temperature fatigue, and corrosion resistance. The all-stainless steel plate heat exchanger is low investment cost in particular heating and cooling systems solutions because of its high turbulence in individual channels and innovative design with various benefits. 

Applications of Stainless Steel Clad Plate Heat Exchangers:

  • Milk Chillers
  • Milk 8, Cream High-Temperature Short-Time (HTST) Pasteurizers
  • Milk Re-heating Systems For Dahi, Paneer
  • Whey Cooler
  • Ice Cream Mix Cooler
  • Sugar Syrup & Return Juice Cooler
  • Juice High-Temperature Short-Time (HTST) Pasteurization
  • Instant Hot Water Generation From Steam In Food And Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Soda Water Cooling
  • Chemical Heating/Cooling In Pharmaceutical Industry

Additional information


Black, White, Silver, etc.

Maximum working pressure

Up to 25 bar

Working temperatures

-195°C to +250°C




All sizes available, as per customer’s requirement

Plate material


Gasket material


Flow range

0.3 to 100 cubic meters/hr


On one hand, it’s easy to maintain, and on the other, it’s capable of transporting more intense fluids. Because it has a low risk of fluid loss, the semi-welded heat exchanger is an excellent choice for transporting expensive materials.

Techtrans Engineers are specialists in multi-brands Plate Heat exchangers along with the stockiest of various Plate heat exchanger spares. We also offer customization services to our clients and deliver accordingly, based on their specific needs.

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Techtrans Engineers are the leading manufacturer, trader and service provider of semi-welded heat exchanger manufacturers in India. You can be living in any place in India, be it Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Vadodara, Mumbai, or Coimbatore. You can reach out to us at any time and place your quote.

The basic plate heat exchanger design’s fundamental flaw is its sealing method. When employing elastomer gaskets, the maximum temperature is around 350 °Fahrenheit (177°C). Furthermore, some substances are incompatible with the materials used in elastomer gaskets. Alternative sealing technologies, such as non-elastomer gaskets or laser welding, can be employed to seal the plate channels in certain situations. Depending on the application, laser welding might be done on all channels or on alternate channels. Semi-welded plate heat exchangers have one channel welded to the other and can handle applications where one of the two fluids is hostile. If both fluids are aggressive or temperatures above the gasket limit, fully welded plate heat exchangers with welded channels should be employed.

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