Welded Plate Heat Exchanger

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To fulfil diverse process requirements, our fully welded plate heat exchangers use a fusion weld instead of a gasket to seal the fluid flow channel. These heat exchangers can withstand many temperature changes in a single compact device and give higher thermal transfer coefficients than other types. Welded units are also utilised as heat exchangers, condensers, evaporators, and reboilers because they have a large cross-flow area, a short flow route (low-pressure drop), and a wide range of connection sizes. Furthermore, these welded plate heat exchangers have reliable technology, a small footprint, minimal working capital, cleaning and maintenance.


The heat-transfer plates are welded together in these PHEs, eliminating the requirement for an external gasket. Gasketed plate heat exchangers are ideal for a wide range of applications, although they have temperature and pressure limitations, as well as the danger of gasket failures and/or penetration. Semi-welded plate heat exchangers are subject to the same dangers. This risk of gasket failure is reduced with fully welded plate heat exchangers.

The heat transfer portion is formed by stacking press-moulded heat transfer plates on top of each other, with side cover plates affixed to the four directions of this plate pack. To execute heat exchange, high-temperature and low-temperature fluids flow in a cross-flow via the heat transfer section. Baffles can be placed according to the design circumstances to create a multi-pass design for the best results. Fully welded PHE can flexibly accommodate scenarios with substantial differences in fluid flow rates or tiny flow rates, and the nozzle bore can be freely selected to match the operating requirements.

Applications of Fully Welded Plate Heat Exchangers:

  • Aerospace Sector
  • Environment Sector
  • Petrochemical Sector
  • Pharmaceutical Sector
  • Steel Sector
  • Sugar Refining Sector

Additional information

Maximum Pressure

Upto 103.4 bar




As per customer's requirement


80 kg – 300 kg

Plate material

Stainless Steel 316

Working temperatures

90℃ to 500℃

Flow range

10 to 100 cubic meters/hr

Welded Plate Heat Exchanger FAQs

Techtrans Engineers are specialists in multi-brands Plate Heat exchangers along with the stockiest of various Plate heat exchanger spares. We also offer customization services to our clients and deliver accordingly, based on their specific needs.

The basic plate heat exchanger design’s fundamental flaw is its sealing method. When employing elastomer gaskets, the maximum temperature is around 350 °Fahrenheit (177°C). Furthermore, some substances are incompatible with the materials used in elastomer gaskets. Alternative sealing technologies, such as non-elastomer gaskets or laser welding, can be employed to seal the plate channels in certain situations. Depending on the application, laser welding might be done on all channels or on alternate channels. Semi-welded plate heat exchangers have one channel welded to the other and can handle applications where one of the two fluids is hostile. If both fluids are aggressive or temperatures above the gasket limit, fully welded plate heat exchangers with welded channels should be employed.

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  1. Jaskirat Singh

    I required a quick quote from TTE for a fully welded PHE. The process was smooth and their team is very cooperative.

  2. Shoib Khan

    I bought this fully welded plate heat exchanger since it provides greater heat recovery than other PHEs like gasketed or shell and tube heat exchanger.

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